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3d Print Expo 2018, New Delhi
Mr. Deeak Pahwa
Chairman, Innovatin and Industy 4.0 Committee PHD CHAMBER and MD Bry-Air (Asia )Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Deepak Pahwa serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Pahwa has over 25 years experience in engineering & marketing of HVAC&R, Airgineering & Environmental Control Technologies. He serves as the Group Chairman of Pahwa Enterprises. He served as an Independent & Non-Executive Director of T & I Global Limited since July 5, 1994. He served as a Non Executive & Independent Director for Hindustan Tin Works Ltd. from July 30, 2009 to 2014. Mr. Pahwa served as National President, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. He presented several technical papers on various aspects of Air Engineering at various international forums. He serves as a Member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers) USA. He has been a Member of several trade delegations to USA, Canada, Korea & Japan and addressed gathering on the investment climate and 'doing business with India'. Mr. Pahwa was awarded, in 1989, the "Entrepreneur of the year award" in the small medium enterprise entrepreneur category 1987, a national award presented by the then President of India. Mr. Pahwa was awarded with the NIRATA Export Award for the year 2001 for his "unstinted commitment, significant contribution for export of Air conditioning and Refrigeration products from India." Mr. Pahwa is a alumni of an Electrical Engineer from BHU.

3d Print Expo 2018, New Delhi
Mr. Rajat Mehta
National Technology Officer and 3d Printing Country Manager, India, HP India, Sales PVT. LTD.

Professional Experience:
Over 25 years of work experience which includes 21 years experience in Information Technology and Services sector. Have been involved in launching,ramping and stabilizing new cutting edge Technology Businesses in the country and E2E Business Modeling and Go To market designing. Experience also includes managing Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) sub region channel lead business launch/ ramp.

A strong believer of Blue Ocean Strategy and good skills to connect dots thus forecast business shifts.

■ Aspire to lead a large Information Technology Corporation in India and expand to Asia Pacific and beyond.
■ Contribute to society by participating in child development program with NGO's on individual basis.
■ Mentor and help young students and professional in and outside India.

3d Print Expo 2018, New Delhi
Dr. Pulak M. Pandey
Professor-Mech. Engg. Deptt IIT DELHI

Dr. Pulak M. Pandey completed his B.Tech. degree from H.B.T.I. Kanpur in 1993 securing first position and got Master’s degree from IIT Kanpur in 1995 in Manufacturing Science specialization. He served H.B.T.I. Kanpur as faculty member for approximately 8 years and also completed Ph.D. in the area of Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing from IIT Kanpur in 2003. He joined IIT Delhi as a faculty member in 2004 and is presently serving as Professor. In IIT Delhi, Dr Pandey diversified his research areas in the field of micro and nano finishing, micro-deposition and also continued working in the area of 3D Printing. He supervised 21 PhDs and more than 33 MTech theses in last 10 years and also filed 13 Indian patent applications. He has approximately 119 international journal papers and 44 international/national refereed conference papers to his credit. These papers have been cited for more than 3018 times with h-index as 26. He received Highly Commended Paper Award by Rapid Prototyping Journal for the paper “Fabrication of three dimensional open porous regular structure of PA 2200 for enhanced strnegth of scaffold using selective laser sintering” published in 2017. Many of his B.Tech. and M.Tech. supervised projects have been awarded by IIT Delhi. He is recipient of Outstanding Young Faculty Fellowship (IIT Delhi) sponsored by Kusuma Trust, Gibraltar and J.M. Mahajan outstanding teacher award of IIT Delhi. His students have won GYTI (Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award) in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

3d Print Expo 2018, New Delhi
Varun Heta
Varun Heta is a designer, engineer, and an artist who develops design approaches for cutting-edge advanced additive manufacturing technologies and applies them wherever possible. He works as a Technology Evangelist at Autodesk where he empowers the convergence of Design and Manufacturing. Varun support individuals, startups & companies under Autodesk banner to transform their ideas into reality. He can be seen making eclectic things from wood or clicking photographs, and when he is not active on his Instagram @varunheta, he can be found engrossed in his favourite hobby, FPV Drone Flying.

Presentation Title

Generative Design for Manufacturing

Generative design mimics nature’s evolutionary approach to design. Designers or engineers input design goals into generative design software, along with parameters such as materials, manufacturing methods, and cost constraints. Unlike topology optimization, the software explores all the possible permutations of a solution, quickly generating design alternatives. It tests and learns from each iteration what works and what doesn’t.
Varun Heta, Technology Evangelist P. +91 9716542821 D. +91 1146077219 Twitter: varunheta Instagram: varunheta

3d Print Expo 2018, New Delhi
Dr. Ankit Arora

Abstract :
3D printing has revolutionized medicine and dentistry. It has enabled us to implement the concept of personalized medicine. It also has enabled us to provide precise and customised treatment to the patient and achieve favourable outcomes.

The3D printed tangible model are adjuncts to diagnosis, treatment planning and fabrication of specific implants. The learning, teaching and training of the medical students has definitely improved with the use of this technology and will surely substitute the cadavers.

The 3d printing can be used for fabrication of study models, surgical guides, surgical templates, dental implant guides, titanium/PEEK prosthesis. These models helps the patient to understand his disease better and give an informed consent in its truest sense.

The various pitfalls in this technology is lack of standardization and regulation of the generated models. The team should involve the surgeon or the doctor at least to provide a precise and quality product. The lack of awareness, high cost and limited availability has been the cause of slow expansion of this industry.

Manoj is Mechanical Engineering Graduate from IIT Roorkee.He has 25+ years of Corporate Experience before turning an Entrepreneur.His last Corporate assignment was with Pitney Bowes,a Fortune 500 Company,as Sales Director. Will AM Disrupt Manufacturing?

3d Print Expo 2018, New Delhi
I currently work for Morphedo Technologies Pvt Ltd located in New Delhi, Delhi, India. Morphedo Technologies Pvt Ltd offers the following products or services: Additive Manufacturing . In addition to offering these products or services, I am looking to make a purchase from the following industries within the next few weeks: Digital Marketing, Industrial Design and Web Development.

3d Print Expo 2018, New Delhi
Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar completed his bachelors in Polymer Technology from Pune University, followed by a Masters in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, USA. He specialized in Rapid prototyping techniques and gained work experience in a prototyping service bureau in Singapore before returning to India. He founded Marco Polo 20 years ago and that is one of the oldest and the largest Rapid Prototyping Service bureaus in India today. The firm partners with automotive OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers to develop prototypes in Plastic and Sheet metals for new product development. He has also delivered several technical lectures on prototyping at various conferences within India and overseas.
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